Thursday, July 5, 2012


Can you see them - the tiny little baby leaves sheltered under the Mama leaves? I've been waiting a long time for their arrival. Weeks ago I broke leaves off one of the African Violet plants that sit on the kitchen window sill and gently tucked them into the soil.

It is a long process. A provision of sunshine and water and patience is what is needed. About the time you think it is all hopeless, a tiny green leave breaks through the soil, evidence of the hidden work going on beneath the surface.

Of course, without the big leaves there would be no hope at all. They are the ones giving of themselves so that the little ones can live. In time they will be gone, and a full grown plant will take their place. A plant that will produce, in time, lovely blooms.

Perhaps we who are further along in our journey with the Lord are a bit like those big violet leaves. He puts us down into the soil and provides all that we need. Slowly, over time, we put down roots. We grow stronger and deeper in our faith - touching lives around us. We weren't meant to simply stand in solitary state. His purposes for us always include serving others. He wants to use us to nourish and encourage.

We give what we have been given to those who come behind us. We do it without judgement or expectation. We simply wait for the work the Father is doing in secret to take form. In time, they grow strong - able to stand on their own.  And we leave a legacy of a beautiful, blooming plant.