Friday, July 6, 2012

Telling the Story

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I creak and groan my way into the dream, finally believing that even at the advanced age of sixty-five it is still okay to dream. After all, the dream originates in the heart, and my heart hasn't aged a day since I was a teenager. So I timidly begin.

However, true to form, I feel I must do it well - no big mistakes - for there is not a lot of time to waste. I gather the books so I can learn to do it well. I have had this story on my heart, and I want to tell it just right. I read and take notes and make a timid start. Get discouraged and read some more.

A friend suggests setting the books aside and just telling the story. I wonder if I can manage that. It is the same way with the story of my life. So many stops and starts - failures and shortcomings and besetting sin making it feel as though the story never will come right.

A gentle voice reminds me that I am not writing my own story. There is One who picked up paper and pen and wrote it for me long before I was born. He must have taken into account all of those missteps. He knew it all. He thought it worth writing anyway, knowing that in the end it would turn out well.

So I sit at the computer and let the words, however weak and flawed, come. I'm telling a story; I'm living the story.


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