Monday, August 13, 2012


They elbow their way in, vying for space among the words that feed my soul. They run the gamut - thoughtful to mindless, civil to rant, right to left - those political opinions.

For the most part I ignore them - having determined a long time ago not to write about my political views here (I don't think there is anything wrong with writing about them, it is just a choice I've made.) That is not to say I don't have them or do not feel passionately about them. I most certainly do - more so this year than ever before.

Perhaps that's why some of those snippets that make their way onto the places I visit online cause me to toss and turn at night and mutter under my breath during my waking hours. I want desperately to convince them of the error of their ways. I consider changing my rule and write mental treatises eloquently stating the reasons I believe as I do. And of course, in my imagination, they all read them and are converted.

Converted - the idea brings me up short, and I wonder at my passionate (ardent, fervent, fiery, vehement) response. Of course, these things are important - but the most important? Am I as passionate (ardent, fervent, fiery, vehement) about my faith? Do I toss and turn at night with the knowledge that some within the sphere of my influence don't know my Savior? Does the thought of eternity stay with me all day - a desperate wish to share the truth with those for whom it hangs in the balance?

If I am honest, the answer is no. Oh - I give it mental ascent and write the posts and go through the motions, but the passion is sadly lacking. I want to be light and salt - but not too bright or salty please. Wouldn't it make all the difference if hearts were changed instead of minds? Wouldn't changed hearts lead to changed lives?

Forgive me, Father, for complacency - for casually believing that somehow it is for others with a unique "calling" to be passionate about the things that burn in Your heart. Give me a passion for souls.