Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Graceful

Five Minute Friday time (Don't the weeks slip by quickly?). Today Lisa-Jo has chosen graceful:


I wanted to be a ballerina from the time I was a tiny girl, but any talent was buried beneath a heavy load of timidity. My shyness prevented me from being brave enough to step foot into a classroom. So I danced for my family, danced my way through my teens - unseen in the family room. I'd put on records (I'm old enough to remember those) and dance my way around the big sofa.

Any dreams of ballet have long since disappeared. Oh, I still dance in my heart when I watch the graceful ballerinas pirouette and leap into the arms of their strong partners, but only in my heart. These days graceful has taken on new meaning.

I long to speak in ways that encourage and glorify God. I long to write words that speak grace and love. I pray for wisdom to speak gracefully. I have traded dreams of toe-shoes for dreams of sheaves of paper filled with grace.


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Picture: Another picture from Patricia - whose grace and love bless.