Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Graceful

Five Minute Friday time (Don't the weeks slip by quickly?). Today Lisa-Jo has chosen graceful:


I wanted to be a ballerina from the time I was a tiny girl, but any talent was buried beneath a heavy load of timidity. My shyness prevented me from being brave enough to step foot into a classroom. So I danced for my family, danced my way through my teens - unseen in the family room. I'd put on records (I'm old enough to remember those) and dance my way around the big sofa.

Any dreams of ballet have long since disappeared. Oh, I still dance in my heart when I watch the graceful ballerinas pirouette and leap into the arms of their strong partners, but only in my heart. These days graceful has taken on new meaning.

I long to speak in ways that encourage and glorify God. I long to write words that speak grace and love. I pray for wisdom to speak gracefully. I have traded dreams of toe-shoes for dreams of sheaves of paper filled with grace.


To participate in Five Minute Friday just click here and go to Lisa-Jo's. Or perhaps you'd just like to sit for a few minutes and read the graceful words.


Picture: Another picture from Patricia - whose grace and love bless.


  1. I know how it feels to be a timid little girl ~ now I'm a timid old woman :)

    Could you give us an update on your book?

  2. I was also a timid and shy little girl, but never graceful enough to even dream of being a ballerina. Now, like you, I just hope that I'm able to share His grace and love with the world. Blessings on your weekend. See you next at Five Minute Friday!

  3. I always love your writing (o:
    I like the idea of dancing in your heart (o:
    that is the only way I can dance (o:

  4. I love the idea of dancing in my heart... now that you've mentioned it, it's something I do often. Thank you for your pretty words.

  5. I am with you...words of grace and love...especially as we grow older...I wrote of wanting to be grey and seems so sad that so little woman seem to walk in grace as they age.

  6. I use to dance, but these days I much prefer to dance in my heart! Stopped over from the 5MF!

  7. i like the little daisy tutu.
    wonderful white white petals.

  8. I've always wanted to do ballroom dancing--I guess from all those Saturday nights watching Lawrence Welk with my parents. It was the only time of the week that we had pop (soda to some of you). Dad would fix a humongous batch of popcorn and we would sit together in the 'TV room' and watch those beautiful dancers and listen to the gifted musicians. Now Dancing with the Stars is a favorite of mine.
    I like how you've transferred to gracefulness to words. And through your words that 'timid' girl finds release and blesses the rest of us. :>)

  9. I like this image of you as a dancer, even though it worked out a little differently. You can dance with words.

    We know a pair of sisters--ages 16 and 14--who dance. Between them, they have enough personality for about four people.

  10. I have missed so much of your beautiful prose and poetry this last 3 months. I actually posted a bit of a piece yesterday to wade back in carefully. I have missed everyone too much to give up blogging!

  11. How clever - the flower as tutu!

    You made me remember ... I used to dance on my bed when sent 'too' early.. and in the living room , my bedroom... still do:) . I love that we both share that ...

    How is the writing coming along Linda?