Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Treasure

 I walked around yesterday in search of inspiration. Surely there was something I could write about - something significant and inspiring. Hadn't I learned anything in the past few days? Didn't anyone do anything special or say something profound? Wasn't there a perfect analogy hidden somewhere - anywhere?

I sat in silence ....waiting.....listening.....reading scripture.......nothing.

"I am just empty," I said to my boring little self.

Of course there was the day when we had to take Dad to the E.R. It looked as though he was having trouble with his heart - again. We held our collective breathe as we drove to meet the ambulance at the hospital. We prayed that even at ninety-two there were still miracles. We sat as they ran the usual tests. Waiting - it's such a difficult discipline.

The doctor was smiling when he returned. All was well with his heart. We relaxed, joked with the nurse, laughed at Dad's quirky sense of humor. We waved good-bye to possible heartache, and walked through the sliding doors into sunshine. One more day of grace.

Two days later it was our son's turn to lay on a hospital bed. We prayed for the surgeon who would replace the torn a.c.l. Forty year old sons still fit nicely inside a mother's heart. All went well. In no time at all we were sitting in his family room watching movies while he rested - giving thanks.

Yesterday, we nearly got t-boned at a busy intersection. Somehow, with traffic whizzing all around us, we were safe.

I saw a blue moon the other night. I stepped out onto the patio. The wind made the branches of the giant oaks dance. Against a backdrop of darkened sky and wispy clouds He hung the moon. Just like that. And it was magnificent.

My sweet husband made a holder for the hummingbird feeder the other day. We watched from the kitchen window, and they came. Swiftly darting in for a drink. Little miracles doing impossible things.

My crown of thorns plant is hidden away in the guest room. I don't often visit - only to bring an occasional drink of water. I was amazed when I walked in yesterday. I have never seen it so full of bloomd. I stood and looked and wondered. It nearly died when we were in the apartment, but I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. Look at what I would have missed.

While I walked around looking for inspiration, I talked to the Father, and it occurs to me He was right there listening. Just as He was in that E.R., the hospital room, the car and every place I went. If I am looking, I see evidence of His divine touch everywhere I go. They may not be big, sparkly miracles, but they are miracles nonetheless.

So....I don't have anything BIG to share, but such as I have I give you. And just between you and me, I think I have great treasure.