Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretense or Peace - Day 19

My heart has been preoccupied with thoughts of seeking God - of drawing near to Him and knowing He is with me. In the midst of a world that seems to have lost its center, I long for the One who never changes. In the midst of chaos, I long for peace.

I have been learning, on this journey of seeking, it isn't the outward circumstances alone that rob me of the peace that Jesus has promised. More often than not it is self - the me that screams for attention and approval...

This Friday is my day to write at Laced With Grace. If you'd like, you can come there and read the rest. 



  1. Oh this was so beautiful and so true for me. Thanks for sharing your heart. I will try to come by tomorrow or go by Laced with Grace. Still getting organized and back to daily posts and visits. I am glad your coming by to visit me. Feel free to stop by and remind me to come by to read your post!
    Wishing you Blessings,

  2. You share such needful thoughts.