Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We Will Remember - Day 23

A look back, in remembrance, through the words of Tommy Walker:

We will remember, we will remember
We will remember the works of Your hands.
We will stop and give You praise
For great is Thy faithfulness.

You're our creator, our life sustainer
Deliverer, our comfort, our joy.
Throughout the ages, You've been our shelter
Our peace in the midst of the storm.

With signs and wonders, You've shown your power
With precious blood, You showed us Your grace.
You've been our helper, our liberator
The giver of life with no end.

When we walk through life's darkest valleys
We will look back at all You have done
And we will shout, our God is good
And He is the faithful One.

I still remember the day You saved me
The day I heard You call out my name
You said You loved me and would never leave me
And I've never been the same.