Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In the Valley - Day 24

I like it on the mountain top. I like the feel of sunshine on my face, the clear, fresh breeze, the amazing vistas spreading out below me. From my point of view, the limited earthbound one, it would be wonderful to live there. No worries, no cares - just sunshine and puffy white clouds. Wouldn't it be easy to feel the presence of God all the time?

The truth is, it is far more likely I will find Him in the valley. When dark clouds hang heavy, obscuring the sun, and I am surrounded by mountains of suffering and fear I run to Him. It happens in my life over and over again. Those seasons of despair, in the hands of a loving Father, do a deep work in my heart. I find in Him all I need. I find His promises are true. I draw closer to Him.

"But without a valley
How would I ever know
That His strong and gentle hand

Would never let me go
How would I know for sure
That I'm secure and safe wherever I go
Without a valley
How would I know"

Rodney Griffin