Thursday, October 25, 2012

With Us - Day 25

I'm very late today. It has been a full day with little time to write.

We voted.

I picked up my new glasses - progressive lenses! I finally had to admit I can't see very well - not to read, not to work on the computer and not to see long distance. So....I am walking around as though the ground beneath my feet has suddenly turned to water, trying very hard not to get sea sick. Also, it feels as though someone is pulling at my eyeballs. They say it takes time to get used to them. sigh.....growing old is not for the faint of heart.

Then we met friends for lunch. Good food and great conversation, sprinkled liberally with laughter. We all came back here to our house to continue the talk.

It was a good day. And He was with us - every single moment:

     - as we voted with hearts turned toward Him; I felt the privilege deeply today
     - as I slipped on new glasses - everything came into sharp focus, and I thought about seeing things      through His eyes
     - as we gave thanks for the abundant provision of our daily lives
     - as we shared our faith with one who is still seeking
     - praying throughout the day for the deep, deep needs of dear friends

This is what it is to be in His presence. He is with us - even in the ordinary. There is never a moment He is not near. We are so blessed.