Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Special Blessing

Here in South Texas we wait for it. For months we tell ourselves it will come. The sweltering days will be blown away when the first cold front makes its way down from the north. We look at friends' pictures of variegated landscapes with just a tad bit of envy, listen to talk of chilling temperatures and hot chocolate in the late afternoon.  We pull on shorts and slip into sandals for yet another day, and we wait.

And finally it comes - like the flip of a switch. The wind blows strong and the temperature plummets. Jackets and sweaters that have lain dormant for months see the light of day. Some of us even put on ......boots!

In our house there is something that has been cold and silent for seven months - ever since we moved into the new house. Every other thing has been used - the appliances all learning the rhythm of our lives.

This one almost didn't get to be a part of things. It put a strain on the budget. At one point it was eliminated - erased from the plans. But a tenderhearted husband made the dream come true.

This cold, damp evening it came to life and was everything I had dreamed of - warm, comforting, dancing light.

I am so abundantly blessed. It is humbling.



  1. This is a beautiful thing! I love a good fire to back up to. Popa is worried about fire in the chimney so we never use ours. Sniff, sniff ...

  2. I love you fireplace and mantle...and Yes..lovely cozy fires...I love that you love this so much...enjoy...enjoy~ blessings~

  3. We are indeed kindled spirits. I came home and sat in front of the fire's warmth and was in awe to be given such a beautiful gift. You have a wonderful fireplace and mantle. Did you build?

  4. I have wonderful memories of sitting in front of the fire when I was a little girl. I've never had a fireplace since but I would love one and am so happy you are enjoying yours. You have decorated it in such a lovely way too.

  5. You remind me that it is good to see our blessings...

  6. That is the one thing I wish we had. It is so cozy. I can just imagine it on this cold morning! :)

  7. I dream of a fireplace too, Linda. One day.

  8. I love your blog and am a new follower. hipmomsgethealthy.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much Elle. You're so kind, and I'm delighted to meet you!

  9. What a cozy hearth to warm up to. Blessings, Linda, as you go about your days.

  10. Love sitting by the fire with you. And love this glimpse of your beautiful home. And love you, too.