Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Stay

The Five Minute Friday word for today is:



It comes with a promise, this word stay. When I speak it, lying somewhere underneath is a promise of faithfulness. It must not be spoken lightly. If it doesn't hold true, it leaves a trail of pain in its wake.

We often say it easily, meaning it for the moment. But life bumps against it, and we call it back. It is, perhaps, inconvenient now or even too costly. It becomes a hindrance to plans newly formed. So we toss it aside, often leaving innocent victims standing alone on the sideline of our important lives.

There is One who promised to stay. He said it with His life - in the midst of more pain and selfless suffering than we can understand. He meant it. There is nothing, not a more important plan, or failure to perform that will cause Him to break that promise.


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