Thursday, January 24, 2013


I put on my aged white ball cap, tie my tennis shoes and grab my spiral-ringed index cards - ready for our walk. I used to walk listening to music or talk radio but traded them in for silence when the noise in my head finally got to be too much. Then I discovered that sixty-ish year old minds can still commit things to memory (even though it sometimes seems my mind has all the retention capability of a  sieve). So I began carrying little bits of scripture, memorizing as I walked (somehow the walking seems to help - not sure why but it does).

This year the goal is the Romans Project, Romans 1,8 and 12 (whole chapters!) with Ann. There is a website, Scripture Typer, where you can join others who are doing the Romans Project. The idea is to type out the verses as you memorize them. Just when I think I'm getting fairly proficient on the computer, something new comes along and I realize my skills are sadly lacking. Could not figure it out.

So.....I copied the verses out on my trusty index cards and began to memorize Paul's words to the beat of  feet hitting  pavement. I think I may have moaned a time or two about Paul's penchant for very. long. sentences. I read the words and thought, "I will never get this!"

However, I have found, as I break them down into bite-sized pieces, every word has purpose and every phrase is chock full of amazing truth. The Holy Spirit seems to have a way of doing that. Still, those sentences are long! So I was thrilled yesterday when I flipped the card to the day's verse - "including you who are called to belong to Jesus Christ," (verse six). Finally - something short and sweet.

As I said the words over and over, I was astounded at the depth of those simple words. We have been called to BELONG to Jesus Christ. When I come to Him in faith, I am signing on for the long-haul. I take all of my self, and give it to Him. I am His. It is what He has been speaking to my heart for weeks.

Jesus gave Himself for me. In return I take this one small life and give it to Him. This belonging to Him seems to run against the grain of our independent spirits. But, as with everything in God's kingdom, He has turned that notion on its head. When I belong to Jesus, I am truly free. I am safe. I receive all that He is, in the form of the Holy Spirit, living in me. I have hope, peace, joy - just to name a few of the gifts He brings.

I am His, and it is more than I could possibly ask or think.