Friday, January 25, 2013


What can you write in 5 minutes flat on the prompt “again”? 


I lay in bed luxuriating in the knowledge that there is no where I need to go today. After days of running to and fro, this day stretches ahead of me - empty hours waiting to be filled in any way I choose. I make a mental list:
a few quick necessary chores
practice piano
work on Bible Study
take a long walk

It all sounds so lovely. I imagine myself gliding slowly through the day - savoring the moments. Then the phone rings, and I see all my lovely plans dissolving like mist falling to the ground - again! There will be no writing or long walks. Instead someone needs us, and we must get ready to leave quickly. Or perhaps someone dear to me is calling and needs to talk - for a long time. Before I know it the morning is gone, and I am once again running to catch up with myself - again!

I am ashamed to say that my first reaction is usually a mumbling under my breath about never getting any time to myself and why does this always happen on the one day I could finally do the things I wanted to do....... A lot of "I's" in that mumbling.

I am trying, after the first ungracious reaction, to take a deep breath and open my hands to what the Father has planned for me this day. Invariable, when I do the necessary with a loving heart the day holds blessings I could never have anticipated.


I just want to add this from my devotional "Jesus Calling" (Doesn't He always have a way of speaking directly to the point?)

"As you make plans for the day, remember that it is I who orchestrate the events of your life. On days when things go smoothly, according to your plans, you may be unaware of My sovereign Presence. On days when your plans are thwarted, be on the lookout for Me! I may be doing something important in your life, something quite different from what you expected. ... Don't try to figure out what is happening. Simply trust Me and thank Me in advance for the good that will come out of it all. I know the plans I have for you, and they are good."

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