Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dreary Days

 The clouds hung heavy for days - blotting out the sunlight. Rivulets of water ran down our cold glasses . The darkness closed in too early and I drew the shades against it. Trees seemed to droop under the weight of it all - as did I. The weather a metaphor for the state of my spirit.

I am apt to curl up inside on days when I have done it all wrong and the weight of it presses in. I long for the comfort of  my armchair - a cup of tea and endless word games - the minutes ticking into hours.

Just around sundown yesterday the winds picked up, driving the humidity away and the temperature down. The gray clouds parted to reveal what had been there all along. And the trees - the trees threw up their arms and danced. They swayed to the rhythm of the wind - bending low and anchored by roots that go down deep. It rushed through the branches whispering hope and encouragement.

My spirit longs for refreshment - and it comes on the wind of His breath. I bend to its rhythm and lift my heart to Him - the One who has been there all along. I long for roots that go deep - deep enough to make my spirit soar even on those days.

"Spirit of the living God,
 Surround my dreary world today
 And set my feet to dancing.
 The silent song of days gone gray,
 A heart that's heavy laden,
 Won't have the last, the final say.
 I know a song of dancing leaves,
 They swirl and twirl despite the gray.
 Spirit of the living God,
 Set my feet to dancing."

 Debra Klingsporn