Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still Saturday - Aspire

 "....aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you,"

I Thess. 4:11

Joining my friend Sandy today:



  1. purty.

    while it's apparently quiet at your house today, i'm rockin' the stereo so loud the rafters are shaking and the dogs are quaking -- unpacking still more boxes...


  2. This was so lovely and a wonderful reminder - thank you for sharing :)


  3. I really try to do this. I remember once, at a woman's funeral, the preacher saying this about her, "She lived a quiet life." I would hope to have the same said about me.

  4. Ahhh, if more of us did that on a daily basis, life around us would certainly be more pleasant esp. in the case of work place gossip or even Sunday School gossip!

    I'm thrilled to see your quilt work displayed again on your header. I like all of them, but I think the quilted topper on the round table with the simple arrangement on top (esp. the hurricane lamp) is my favorite. 2nd is the fact that your bedroom is big enough to have a quilt rack at the end of the bed! I'd love to be able to displays our grandmas' quilts that way!

  5. What a cozy scene exuding peace. Like your new banner, too.

  6. Linda,

    What a peaceful photo there.

    Thanks for stopping by my post "How a Singing Surgeon Shapes my Marriage." Those investments into our marriages are so worth it, huh?

    Jennifer Dougan

  7. Now, I TRY to live quietly, but it doesn't usually work. HOWEVER, I DO spend time on the papasan upstairs in our bedroom/my hang-out reading-the-Word time. At times, the Lord lays it on me to do extra studies... especially in Winter when I can't travel as much... or walk as much. So, that's MY chair [NOT my "office" chair that I live in much of the day] that is similar to "your" restful, blestful chair.

    Bless you...