Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Mountain

"Follow me one step at a time. That is all I require of you... You see huge mountains looming, and you start wondering how you're going to scale those heights. Meanwhile, because you're not looking where you're going, you stumble on the easy path where I am leading you now. As I help you get back on your feet, you tell Me how worried you are about the cliffs up ahead. But you don't know what will happen today, much less tomorrow. Our path may take an abrupt turn, leading you away from those mountains. There may be an easier way up the mountains than is visible from this distance. If I do lead you up the cliffs, I will equip you thoroughly for that strenuous climb. I will even give My angels charge over you, to preserve you in all your ways."
"Jesus Calling"  Sarah Young

"For we live by believing and not by seeing."
 II Cor. 5:7

Linking to my sweet friend Sandy today:


P.S. Computer "issues" this week, but I think (I pray) I've solved them with some help from a good friend.


  1. 1 day
    1 step... at a time

    with our
    1 GOD of the universe!


  2. I'd been wondering how you were. It's good to see you here again.

  3. Hi Linda!
    Oh I have really missed my regular blogging. I miss my Blogland neighbors!
    Your post today reminds me of our sermon tonight .., trusting God through and through. Our pastor also talked about Barna's stats on Bible minded cities ... Out of 100, the tri-city Albany area is # 95...
    Not a surprise to me ... Unfortunately.
    But we try to be "salt" although I know we could try harder!

    I read your post on your Dad's special day. What a wonderful honor. God bless him... And thank him for his service, I am always so very grateful!
    I hope this new year is bringing you much joy...
    God bless you always,
    ~ Maria

  4. One step at a time, leaning into the abrupt turns knowing there might be an easier way we can't see, that we're maybe avoiding an avalanche. Or equipped for the cliff. Either way, eyes on Him. Love you, friend. Glad you're back.

  5. Yes... one step at a time! I feel for you, friend... having technical issues myself lately. ugg. :)