Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 I had plans to write a well thought out post - one in which I lined up all my points in a clear and concise way and ended with an insightful conclusion. However, I decided to make it a bit more real - to allow you a peek into my somewhat convoluted little mind. So..... here goes:

I lay in bed this morning, the covers pulled up under my chin, enjoying those last minutes before stepping out into the day. I thought about what I had recorded on the DVR and wondered if there would be room for other shows if I kept all the "Call the Midwife" episodes....and did I really want to keep them all because when would I really watch them again..... because there is a limit to how many shows the DVR will save and there are some I don't want to lose. Which led me to thinking about how limitless God is. He never runs out of "storage space." He holds all of my prayers and all of my secrets and all of my hopes and dreams - and never says "Sorry. No more room. You'll have to delete some of that stuff." No - there is no limit to His ability to hold everything I place in His hands.

 Then I started thinking about the last episode of Downton Abbey (I know - everyone is alluding to this riveting series - I apologize, but that's was the next stop on this meandering journey.). If you haven't watched last weeks' episode you'll want to take your leave about now. I'm going to reveal stuff.

Okay here we go ..... the last scene was so moving. In it the trusted family doctor told Lord and Lady Grantham there was nothing that would have saved their daughter. "She was going to die." In spite of their great love for her; in spite of their having a renowned doctor at her side; in spite of their great wealth and resources - she would die. Their power to save her was limited.

And I thought of our limitless God. Nothing is too difficult for Him. He is a God of miracles, and He is good. Even when the very worst happens, we have not reached the limit of who He is. Circumstances cannot limit the depth of His love, the hope that triumphs over death, the peace that passes understanding, the grace that covers our lives, the mercy that lifts the burden of sin and shame.

I just wanted to share that because, I'm used to my convoluted mind and all of this helped me step into the day with joy. I thought it might bless you too.