Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Dearth of Words

I seem to be a bit like our shaggy neighbor these days - suffering from a complete dearth of words. I am pretty much just standing there watching the world go by without a creative thought popping into my little head.

It could be spring fever. The blue bonnets, bless their sweet little hearts, are decorating the roadsides despite the lack of nourishing rain. The birds sound like a veritable choir - each one singing his or her own little part blending with each other to create a beautiful chorus. The sun lingers, edging its way into evening and calling us outdoors. The trees are wearing their new spring outfits in that particular shade of green that will only last a few short weeks. It could be all that.

Or it could be that our days have been so filled to the brim, when evening comes the little couch, the knitting, and Mr. Dickens have much more allure than the keyboard. Besides, there is this dearth of words problem.

It isn't for lack of words going in. It is simply a matter of waiting for them to take form.

In the meantime, I am enjoying your words....and spring.....and knitting.....and Mr. Dickens' Esther and all the other wonderful characters in "Bleak House".... and reading through the New Testament.

Blessings to you dear friends,


  1. i understand, linda. i understand. love the photo! :)

  2. You've said it very well, Linda. Spring hasn't had much chance of coming here yet. Cool days are predicted for the rest of the week and the wind makes it seem much, much colder than it should be. Usually by this time of year we have sarvis and redbud trees in bloom, but there are very few buds on anything. I noticed in the news your temperatures were in the 80s? yesterday. I do hope you get enough rain this summer to break the drought cycle.

  3. Even your dearth is gracious and lovely, Linda. Just like you.

  4. I could not have said it better. I did sense some poetry in your words. You have a lovely way of turning a phrase. I can so relate to your comment: "It isn't for lack of words going in. It is simply a matter of waiting for them to take form." I too seem to be waiting. Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. I think that this is a delightful bunch of words. Like a little bouquet.

    Also, i'm glad you said blue bonnets, because i was thinking they were called blue bells, so now you are my blue bonnet. i have given all my friends nick names, just for fun.

  6. miss Linda Chontos -

    you need to know, that bit you sent me? iLike it lots.

    also, it's very distracting. ;-) in a good way.

    AND this dearth bit -- well, i don't even know what a "dearth" is so but it must be good if you are knitting whilst reading and waiting.


  7. Oh my, I understand. But look at these beautiful words you left anyway. Lovely.

    And isn't Mr. Dickens wonderful on a quiet evening?

    Such love to you, Linda.

  8. Hi there!
    I have found lately that when there is a lot going on internally, it is harder to formulate it into words.
    If it is God at work in us, there is a sense that it would spoil something, diminish it somehow, to try to frame the process in words.
    Or is it just me?

    Love from South Africa (where we are going into Autumn)