Thursday, March 28, 2013

"The Cross Is Enough"

It is Thursday, and the clouds hang heavy, an appropriate backdrop for this "day before." Somehow we don't want the sun to shine on the remembered anguish and sorrow. It is fitting that heaven and earth should bow low.

Tonight is the first night of our church's Easter Program. The theme is "The Cross Is Enough." We will sing the words that remind us of the perfect sacrifice - of the blood shed to cover all our sins.

The definition of enough is:  sufficient - adequate - ample - satisfactory.

Jesus' death on the cross was not an urgent 911 call to save a desperate people who were racing head-long toward certain death. It was the fulfillment of a plan put into motion before the creation of the world.

A Father willing to sacrifice the life of His only Son. A Son willing to give His life to save ours. It was the only plan, and it was enough. The blood of the perfect Lamb to cover the sins of the world.  The victory over death when He rose to life.
The perfect Son of God gave His life on a cross, and it was enough. Sufficient to cleanse, adequate to cover every sin of every man, woman and child, an ample supply that will never run out, a satisfactory sacrifice to restore the relationship between God and man.

We have only to make it our own - to open our hearts and hands to receive the gift. Once done, we need never live under the weight of sin again. If we walk around bent low under a load of guilt and shame, we are saying the cross was not enough. If we believe the lie the enemy whispers in our ear, the one that says we are unworthy, a failure, not good enough....... we say the cross was not enough. We let the precious gift fall to the ground.

The sun will shine on Sunday.  There will be light and life and hope and rejoicing - because the cross is enough.