Monday, April 29, 2013

Angst and a Sunday Stroll

After nearly six years of writing posts, one would think I had all of this pretty much down to a science - but one would be wrong. Periodically over the course of those nearly six years, I mentally compose a post in which I bid a fond farewell to the internet and more specifically my blog. I may have even written one a time or two. But being the wishy-washy person I am, I no sooner hit publish than I begin to regret everything I said.

While walking earlier today, my little mind was hard at work composing another of said posts. I have become thoroughly sick and tired of myself and my inability to do things in moderation. It seems I am one of those all or nothing sort of people. I either spend hours with my face glued to the computer screen or I shut it down altogether. These things ought not to be so.

I can't even make up my mind about this book I thought I was writing. One hundred printed pages sit on my printer and I vacillate between throwing the whole pile in the trash or trying to finish the story. I'm not sure how to reconcile wishy-washy with all or nothing. I may have a dual personality or something.

So.....instead of any or all of the above things, I'll share our lovely Riverwalk with you. For months and months I've been saying we need to go see the new addition, and for months and months we have not. In a bold move, I made a decision! My husband, who always knows his own mind, agreed.

We began our walk here, among the beautiful roses.

 There is something so restful about water, and when it cascades over rocks and bubbles and gurgles, it is magical.

The flowers are magnificent. I wanted to take a few of these beauties home with us.

This is a grotto designed by a local San Antonio artist.

 The fragrance from the Honeysuckle was positively heady.

 If you click on the picture, you can see a little Mockingbird perched next to the lamp. He (or she) was singing his (or her) little heart out. We watched "To Kill a Mockingbird" the other day, and listening to the  music, I understood.

 There were even flying fish!

 What could be better than sitting in the sunshine by the river on a beautiful spring day?

 Here is the grotto in all its glory. There are all kinds of hidden faces and figures within the design. It is fascinating.

 As we came to the end of our walk, we saw one of the barges making its way down the river.

It was a perfectly beautiful day - and so much nicer than all that "angsty" stuff in the beginning of this post. Sorry about all that. One of the very best things about friends is, they listen as though they hadn't heard it all a hundred times before .....because that's just what friends do.

Joining a precious friend today:

Blessings dear friends,