Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Measure of Grace

Today is my oldest child's 44th birthday. I could tell you the time has gone by faster than I would ever have believed possible, and while that is true there is something else I have on my heart I want to say.

We who have entered that season of life where the nest is empty and time has become a precious commodity, are apt to tell you things like, "Cherish the moments." or "Before you know it your little ones will be grown with little ones of their own. Be careful to choose those things that have eternal value."

Those things are right and good, but I sometimes fear they come with a good bit of potential guilt and shame. I want to put my arm across your shoulders, draw you close and hand you a measure of grace.

For those days when you finally get to lay your head on the pillow and all you can do is rehearse the ways you failed to be all you wanted to be- grace.

In those seasons of slammed doors and moody faces and never being able to talk without having it degenerate into an argument - grace.

During times of crises, when it is all you can do to open your eyes in the morning, let alone put your feet on the floor and walk into the day - grace.

For the time when it seems as though, despite your best efforts, it has all gone wrong and you wish you could just race ahead to better, easier years - grace.

His grace to fill in the places where you were found a bit wanting. His grace to somehow bring good out of the very worst of times. His grace to make it possible for love to win. His grace that holds the promise of hope even when it seems it can never be good.

Here is something I will tell you. When I say to my grown children, "I am sorry for all the terrible mistakes I made," they look at me as though they haven't a clue what I'm talking about.



Joining Emily at imperfect prose today.


  1. Wow. Really? All that grace?

    Thank you. Yes, the things you list have been true for me.

  2. Love this, Linda!! Love it. And second it, heartily. Thank you.

  3. I needed this reminder somethin' fierce today...

    Thank you.


  4. this is simple and profound and liberating and oh-so-needed. thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, Linda.
    from the bottom of our young mama hearts, so often weighed down and feeling crushed by all that well-intentioned guilt and shame, thank you for that arm across our shoulders and those words that provide such perspective.

  5. Aww,Linda. This is beautiful. Grace to you. I don't get by here often but when I do, I'm always blessed.

  6. Such an excellent reminder for our mother hearts.