Saturday, April 13, 2013

Plans Interrupted

I have made my plans for the day. I've talked to the Lord about them:

"You know yesterday I had planned to get caught up on my Bible study Father, and then we stayed so long at Mom and Dad. I hadn't figured going out to dinner with them into the schedule. It was nice, and I really do treasure these moments with them. But I never did get to the Bible study and now I'm even farther behind. And there was this blog post I had on my heart. I thought You wanted me to get that written."

"It's all right child. I enjoyed dinner with all of you."

"So today I 'm going to keep to the schedule. I've got my memory verse cards, and I'll work on those while I'm walking. I know it's important to hide Your words in my heart - and I don't want to fall behind.
Oh no! There's our neighbor. Maybe she'll turn the corner before I catch up to her. Nope. She's waiting for me. But Lord, I was just getting started on the verses..... and she walks so slowly..."

"She is more important to me at this moment dear one. Set the cards aside and give her the gift of your time."

"We're almost finished Father and now she wants to take me to meet one of the neighbors I haven't met. I still have the dirty dishes in the sink, a load of clothes in the washer and that Bible Study. I need to get going."

"I'd like you to meet this neighbor. It may not seem important right now, but I have this for you do to."

      -     -     -      -      -      -      -     -     -     -                                 

The dirty dishes are in the dishwasher now, and the dryer is humming. I'm hopelessly behind but in my heart I know I'm right where He wants me to be. I don't know what will come of the plans He had for me today. I just know they were the right ones.

I've got to go work on my Bible Study.

Have a blessed weekend,