Friday, May 10, 2013

Comfort (Five Minute Friday)

Today's Five Minute Friday word is:


He is large of stature in every way - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Well into his eighties, he has a quiet way of putting all of life's greatest difficulties into a manageable and wise perspective. He has known much sorrow and pain, but he has come through refined - like fine gold.

It is a comfort to simply be in his presence - to sit and listen to words that never stray far from gospel truth. There is little time for small talk that isn't encompassed by "deep talk." He has a way of brushing aside the trivial and getting right to the heart of the matter. With slow, measured speech, his words are soothing to a wounded spirit.

While all of that is wonderful, the words really aren't all that necessary. All that is needed is to step into the arms open wide embrace he always offers. To feel yourself enfolded in his great, strong arms and lean your head on his shoulder. This is comfort. This is, I think, what it must be like to rest in the arms of Jesus.


Please join us at Lisa-Jo's. It is a lovely place where hearts fly free.

Five Minute Friday