Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Drummer Boy

So....this outstanding young man is graduating from high school and his extraordinarily proud grandparents will be there (that would be Steve and I).

It seems only yesterday he was a shy, little bundle of energy - bravely trying every new thing that came along while at the same time never wanting to be too far from Mom, Dad and the security of home. We held our collective breaths as he raced around on dirt bikes and rocketed over jumps at the skate board park. When he was nine, some wise person put a a pair of drumsticks in his hands, and he absolutely blossomed. It was readily apparent that a God-given gift had been unearthed.

It has been a joy to watch the gift put down roots in his heart and become an offering back to the One who placed it there. His deepest desire is to serve the Lord with his music.

Okay - I'm going to stop now, wipe away the tears and look forward to celebrating this wonderful ending/beginning.


I'll be taking a little break and hope to come back refreshed. I've been just a tad weary of late. Life can get that way sometimes.