Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Do You Believe?

I walk and think, iron and think, drive by sunny fields where a spotted fawn follows its mother and think. The words tumble over themselves, and I try to put them in an understandable order. I cannot let them rest in my heart until they have sorted themselves out.

Once arranged, I imagine typing those words into this space and try to picture those who will read them. I know my friends will understand. They know the vernacular well. It has become a part of who we are. But what about those who might read them by chance - the ones who don't know the "language," or the ones who deem them foolish? How will I translate my heart so they will understand?

If you look at creation, and reject the idea of a Creator, what can I say to change your mind? If you ponder the brevity of life and believe it all ends at the grave, how will you understand? If your life experiences have convinced you that even if there is a God, it makes little difference; if you believe He is distant and uninvolved at best, unloving and cruel at worst, how do I communicate the deepest things of my heart.

I can only give you the words that are life and truth to me. They come from a belief that there is indeed a God. I cannot look at the world around me and chalk up the beauty and wonder to a random collision of particles somewhere in space. He has made Himself known in a way that can clearly be seen.

I believe the Bible is His word given to us so that we might know Him and the salvation plan He conceived before the beginning of time. I have read it, studied it, tested it, found it to be true. There is a consistency, a wisdom and a living, breathing quality that permeates every page.

It is a love story from beginning to end, and the central character is Jesus. I believe the eye witness accounts and having believed I must do something with Him - with His life, His words, His death, His resurrection.

Faith enters the picture and it is pivotal. God has done everything to lead us to the point of decision. He has given us everything we need. I believe His Spirit draws us, but He leaves the choice to us. He asks us to believe what we cannot touch or see. We are free to do as we please, but one thing we cannot do. We cannot remain neutral.

I cannot claim a perfect faith. I have had times of doubt and unbelief, but always, always I come back to what I know is truth. I cannot imagine a life without Him. So I will share the things I'm learning against this backdrop. I just wanted you to understand.