Monday, June 3, 2013


It has, I know, been quieter than usual in this tiny corner of the blog world. I have things bubbling away in my heart that are longing to be transformed into words. Soon.

We've been struggling for what seems a very long time. I have a tendency to turn inward during such seasons. Even writing is too great an effort.

I understand those who say we must share our stories - that they are the "real" and help and encourage others.  But it takes time to process emotions, to mine the truths and tell the  story well.



  1. With you in thought and prayer.

  2. Take all the time you need, Linda.

  3. (((((HUGS AND KISSES))))) You are so wise, Linda. Too often we don't take the time to process before we put it out there for everyone else. Saying a prayer, and sending love, for you this very moment.

  4. I'mWIthYou.

    in more ways than one.


  5. i know...i know...everyone has to process in their own way...these treasures we mine in these places are gifts from God...and I am learning to let Him choose if and when and where these treasures are shared. where God has you...He sees you and He cares...He never leaves anyone out...anyone behind...He is all inclusive...blessings and peace and grace to you

  6. thank you, Linda. Your words mean a lot. I love the simplicity of your blog, your life. You may not feel like it is but to me.... it helps my heart.

    Struggling here as well. Not blogging much. thank you again for your words.

    Much love

  7. Quiet seems perfect to me. Love to you dear Linda.

  8. Bless you!! I had a crown of thorns plant that lived for many years that I adored....

  9. Oh Linda, i hear you. I process over time- I have a lovely friend who lets me process out loud to her- and as we walk and talk- gradually clarity comes.
    God bless you, and uphold you with His victorious right hand.
    In the fullness of time, when you ARE ready, then we will be happy to hear your story of this time. Be patient with yourself :)

  10. Totally get what you are saying Linda. I find it hard to blog and put thoughts into words at those times too. May you be encouraged in the Lord today!