Friday, June 28, 2013

Ten Things I Learned in June

I'm joining Emily today for something brand new. She has invited us to write a post about things we've learned in June. So here goes:

1. Cardinals really will build a nest in an artificial plant hanging from your front porch. They will have six babies and Papa will help with the feeding.

2. Despite the fact that I had to resort to an artificial plant for the front porch (having murdered two perfectly beautiful ones) I can actually plant flowers in the ground. And.....they will grow.

3. Deer will leave your flowers alone if their name is Lantana. I am so happy. They graze all over our land, but amazingly they haven't bothered my little flower garden. They turn up their noses at Oleander as well.

4. It is possible to spend eleven hours in doctors' waiting rooms over the course of only two days.

5. I never, ever spell "occasion" correctly. I spelled it with two s's that time too!

6. Feedly works! I have now made the switch from Google Reader - all by myself!

7. Walking is a great way to memorize scripture. I carry my little index cards with me and by the time I'm done - I've got another verse tucked away inside this aging brain.

8. I am hopelessly out of touch with the current batch of celebrities. I've learned I don't know who anyone is, what songs are popular or what's big at the box office. I really am getting old.

9. Learning to listen - really listen - is a very difficult discipline. Before every conversation, in recent days, I've promised myself I won't interrupt - not one time. So far I've been a complete and total failure.

10. Mama birds are very good at pushing little ones out of the nest. It's been fascinating to watch.

Come join us at Emily's blog. Lots of great stuff!