Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday - The Present

I am ever grateful for Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo's. It is such fun to take a word and simply write - unedited and without "deep" thought.
Today's word is:


start - We sit across from each other at the big kitchen table he crafted from a huge tree more than thirty years ago.  I chatter away about the things bubbling deep inside my heart - things that hardly make sense when spoken out loud but that are of such import to me. He leans in and listens intently and with the listening he gives me a most treasured present.

I know there is a book about love languages, and I even know what a few of them are. I haven't read the book and don't know much about all the different languages, but I do know mine. It is words - just words. The ones spoken to me and the ones I speak or write.

Words of encouragement and words that edify - they wash over me like a soothing oil and my heart is so enriched. They can lift me from the depths of despair; they can keep me going when I think of giving up; they make my eyes sparkle with the knowledge that I am known and loved.

I long to give the present in return - to listen with my whole heart and to speak those things that glorify and edify. In an age where manners seem to be passe and saying whatever is on one's mind is "in," it is a joy to hear words fitly spoken.


There is a whole, bit wonderful group gathered at Lisa-Jo's. Please come join us.

Five Minute Friday