Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Gift

'We live gifted with certain forms of spiritual grace embodied in us, for some purpose of Divine Love to be fulfilled by us, some idea of the Divine Mind to be imaged forth in our creaturely state. To devote oneself to God is to concentrate the powers of one's being to their ordained end, and therefore to have the happiest truest life - happiest, because happiness must be in accordance of these powers with the law of their creation, and truest, because the attainment of the highest glory must be in the accomplishment of the end for which we were created."
 T.T. Carter

To find the gift wrapped within the essence of who we are and to use it for His glory - I have been pondering this. Every gift unique; every gift suited to its possessor; every gift of equal of value.

Perhaps it is the gift within the gift that is of greatest value - the wisdom to value and embrace what has been given to us. Without pride; without wishing for something other; without envy or comparison. Just to treasure the gift and give it away - with love. Every gift interlocking into one beautiful whole.