Monday, August 26, 2013

Dieting and R Rated Movies

On an ordinary day several years ago I found myself  all alone with a free afternoon to do with as I pleased. I decided it was the perfect time to go see the film I knew my husband wouldn't enjoy. I didn't even take the time to see if any of my friends wanted to go. I just got in the car and took myself to the movies.

It became apparent, as I walked into the dimly lit theater, that not many people shared my enthusiasm for early afternoon showings. Undeterred, I found a choice seat and got ready to lose myself in the story.

It was a good movie, but a few minutes into it I began to feel a tad uncomfortable. Evidently the R rating was for language. I squirmed in my seat as four letter words fell all around me. I looked at the empty seats on either side of me and imagined Jesus sitting in one of them.

The truth is, He lives in me and that means everywhere I go, He comes with me.....whether He wants to or not. Those words weren't just making me uncomfortable, they were assaulting His ears as well. I made Him a promise that day: I would never go to an R rated movie again (or any movie I wouldn't want Him to come see with me).

Let me say here that I am not trying to make this into "doctrine" for everyone. It is one of those things that is between each of us and the Lord. Some of the most devout Christians I know have no problem with this. I understand. For me, it isn't a good idea to put certain words and images into my little mind. Once there, they take up permanent residence, and my over-active imagination calls them up again and again.

I know I promised to give an account of my eating. Bear with me. This all ties together (for me anyway!). 

I have tried my best to keep the promise I made years ago (I confess, I slipped once and watched a DVD of "The King's Speech"). I'm far from perfect. But for the most part, I've done fairly well. There's something about telling the great I Am you will do something. You tend to want to be faithful.

I knew if I made a "promise" to the Lord about eating I would be taking a big step. I avoided it for a long time. In fact, I haven't actually made that promise. But I've done something I did in that movie theater all those years ago. I invited Jesus to sit down beside me every time I eat.

It has dramatically changed my eating habits this week. I imagine myself "looking" across the kitchen table at Him. I feel His presence when I dine out and make choices from the menu. We sit together, and I want to feel comfortable. He isn't a hard task master. A biscotti with tea is fine with Him. In fact, nothing is off limits. It all has to do with self-control.

I'll write more next week. I confess I feel a bit uncomfortable with all of this. I haven't discovered a new diet plan. I certainly don't have all the answers. I simply give you what the Lord has given me.

If you'd like to be part of a conversation about dieting or anything else the Father has placed on your heart - please link in the comments. I'm not sure where all of this is going, but I do know it is always better to have friends along on the journey.

Joining my sweet friends  Laura and Michelle today.




S. Etole said...

The knowledge of His presence is a wonderful thing.

Stephanie said...

Amen to what S. Etole said! The conviction can be very uncomfortable, but it's also a blessing because we know the Lord is working in our lives :) Thanks for sharing, sweet friend.

Love and hugs!

SimplyDarlene said...

Ah, friends are best for any sorta journey, aye?


lil red hen said...

If I'm in an uncomfortable place I always think, "What if Jesus comes and finds me here!"

One can hardly watch TV in her own home and avoid such words! Are we becoming calloused to such things?

Anonymous said...

So yesterday's sermon was about self-control. Huh. :) And the preacher said one of the ways to deal with self-control is to be accountable to someone else.

I recently read that we can rebel with our speech and actions. But in that verse, it didn't say rebel against God, but rebel against His *presence*.

Yesterday was our annual neighborhood potluck picnic. I always overeat at those things. But not this time! Thanks to the encouragement I found here!

Sandy said...

I feel exactly as lil red hen expressed. If I ever am in a situation that feels uncomfortable I always wonder what I'd do if Jesus came and found me. And of course He is always with me anyway! What would I want to be doing when Jesus returns? Probably not watching a movie unless it was a really decent one and those are hard to find these days.

Linda said...

It is miraculous Susie - to think He wants to be with me!

Linda said...

Absolutely dear friend :)

Linda said...

It's true Charlotte. I need to be more vigilant about tv. It's easy to become immune to the things that normally would have shocked us years ago.
Thanks so much for being a part of this. I always appreciate your words.

Linda said...

Whoot!! Cheering you on Monica. We ate out with friends Saturday after church, and I didn't go crazy with the chips and salsa - just one chip! I did eat some of the onion rings (why in the world did we order two appetizers?) but not nearly as many as I wanted to. I kept thinking about what Jesus would think was a good balanced meal. I even skipped my "beloved" evening snack when we got home.
We can do this thing - with His help.

Linda said...

Thanks so much for taking part in this Sandy - for encouragement and wisdom. I am so blessed by your words.

Cheryl said...

Quietly from my corner of the world, peeking in to offer support, and learn from you as you journey. What if we invited Him to sit with us for all the parts of our days? Wondering what parts would make him cringe from today in this household?

Linda said...

Oh that's such a good question Cheryl. Just today I was thinking about my tongue. How weary He must get of listening to me complain and be bossy and say the wrong thing and on and on. So many things I need to change. I can't help but feel the more I practice His presence the better it will be. And support - we all need each other.

Dea Moore said...

I went to the movies early--really early before noon to see Les Miserables. I wanted the big theater to myself. I did until two woman came in and sat in the corner near the bottom of the stadium seats. I sat in the middle with Jesus as my companion. I sang, I cried. I loved it. I wonder if those ladies noticed us up there? :) BTW so many movies hurt my soul. I don't willing subject myself to is part of caring for ourselves like our Savior wants us to.