Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On Aging

I remember my Mom saying, many years ago, "I look in the mirror and wonder who that old woman is because in my heart I still feel 16." I also remember my snarky, know-it-all self thinking - "Right," sarcasm running right down my wrinkle -free face.

I now have a granddaughter the same age I was when I smirked behind my Mom's back. I have eaten my words over and over again. These days I am the one looking at the stranger in the mirror.  The one whose heart is unaware of the lines and wrinkles, the vein-lined hands and the stiff joints.

It looks, from the other side of middle age, like youth has become something to be worshipped. We are bombarded with ads for everything from creams to surgery with the promise of turning back the hands of time. All well and good, but time is relentless and will ultimately have its way.

The heart, on the other hand, knows the real  secret of eternal youth. It was whispered long ago when the two who lost everything stood clothed in animal skins and shame. A promise of One who would come and bring with Him everlasting life.

I have learned to be gentle with this aging shell. It houses the beauty of eternity and the promise of everything made new.



  1. Amen, Linda. Beautifully said. (And I love the picture, too. Three beautiful women.)

  2. Just found your blog Linda and am so blessed by what I have read so far. Would like to be Facebook friends with you if you are so inclined.
    Blessings from Arizona,

    1. Thank you for your kind words Dorothy. If you send me a request I'd love to be friends.

  3. Sweet Linda, this was well-written :) The picture is so sweet and you, dear friend, are beautiful. Much love to you!

  4. Chuckle!
    I know just what you mean, girlfriend!
    I found myself talking about some "old people" recently and then realised with a jolt that most of them are probably younger than I am!!
    So funny.
    But yes, I take than inner young allie that I feel to be evidence of the eternal life I've been given
    Its pretty wonderful actually.

    That said, I tend to do my make up in a mirror that is in a poor light
    To shelter me from the daily reality check :-)

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  5. Let's try that again...I know what you mean Allie. I look at people on tv who are my age and think - boy they really look old! That poor lighting thing sounds like a good idea.

  6. "I have learned to be gentle with this aging shell. It houses the beauty of eternity and the promise of everything made new."

    Lovely! Visting today from Jennifer Dukes Lee's place.

  7. You conveyed your feelings so beautifully today, Linda. I remember my own precious mother saying something very similar to what yours said. I feel that way myself. I am aging but still feel so young in my heart. I often think of the Bible verse, "The outward man is perishing but the inward man is being renewed daily." Enjoyed this, Linda.
    Take care~

  8. One of my friends sees people and asks, "How old do you think they are?" I've started telling her younger than we are! I always get it right that way :) I think I will be gentle with my shell too.