Friday, October 4, 2013

Journey to Trust/ Five Minute Friday (Day 4)

I've been doing a bit of reading - my own words, Emily's book, and Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday. Each has significance for me. They speak of art and story and words.

Lisa-Jo's word for today is "Write."


I write in different seasons and times - yet the words keep circling back on themselves. There is a repetition, a recurring theme - and I wonder that others don't get tired of it.

It isn't intentional. It comes from somewhere deep inside and works its way to the surface over and over again. It is this matter of trust.

I wonder why and realize it is, in part, my story. We write our story in so many ways. It spills out of the depths of who we are as we walk through the minutes and hours of our days. It forms us and touches the lives most precious to us - and the ones we hardly know.

The Father is crafting trust onto the pages of my story. It is life-changing and so it weaves its way in and through my words over and over again. It has meaning and purpose.  It begins to shape the very soul of me.
It has not come easily. There has been a dying to other things so that this one true thing might live in a heart that is desperate for Him.

And so I write of trust.


 Five Minute Friday