Thursday, January 2, 2014

all. the. time.

I have three sore spots on my person these days - two just below my collar-bone, spaced about four inches apart and the other just above my waist on the left side. They are reminders of the electrodes I stuck on and painfully peeled off every other day for two weeks.

For the past few years my heart has occasionally stepped up its rhythm to a rather alarming rate. Just long enough to make me take notice and sit a spell. My doctor decided it would be good to check on this erratic behavior and sent me off to a cardiologist.

Said cardiologist prescribed three tests and a heart monitor. I've completed every one of them and now wait to hear the results. None of it was painful or difficult - except for the wearing of the monitor.  (Did I mention the painful peeling?) It felt as though I was tethered to something all. the. time.

Once the electrodes were plastered in place, separate wires were connected to each one. These, in turn, were connected to the monitor - which needed to be carried on my person all. the. time. In addition, there was the "communicator" - a cell phone that relayed all the information to the monitoring people.

Those monitoring people are very diligent. They called several times to tell me they weren't getting a good signal - necessitating more peeling and plastering. It seems it is also essential to keep the monitor and the communicator close together all. the. time.

After the two weeks were over - during which time my heart perversely maintained a steady beat - I gleefully (and painfully) peeled the electrodes off for the final time. Bliss. I felt such freedom. And then the little light went off.

Far too often I have willingly tethered myself to things like cell phones, kindles and laptops. Mistaking bondage for freedom I have sacrificed much to their siren call. It is little wonder I found peace and  a sense of freedom when I gave up blogging for a time.

Just as my little monitor was a valuable tool, so too are all those other things - in their place. It is the "all. the. time." that binds me. It comes at too great a price.