Thursday, January 2, 2014

all. the. time.

I have three sore spots on my person these days - two just below my collar-bone, spaced about four inches apart and the other just above my waist on the left side. They are reminders of the electrodes I stuck on and painfully peeled off every other day for two weeks.

For the past few years my heart has occasionally stepped up its rhythm to a rather alarming rate. Just long enough to make me take notice and sit a spell. My doctor decided it would be good to check on this erratic behavior and sent me off to a cardiologist.

Said cardiologist prescribed three tests and a heart monitor. I've completed every one of them and now wait to hear the results. None of it was painful or difficult - except for the wearing of the monitor.  (Did I mention the painful peeling?) It felt as though I was tethered to something all. the. time.

Once the electrodes were plastered in place, separate wires were connected to each one. These, in turn, were connected to the monitor - which needed to be carried on my person all. the. time. In addition, there was the "communicator" - a cell phone that relayed all the information to the monitoring people.

Those monitoring people are very diligent. They called several times to tell me they weren't getting a good signal - necessitating more peeling and plastering. It seems it is also essential to keep the monitor and the communicator close together all. the. time.

After the two weeks were over - during which time my heart perversely maintained a steady beat - I gleefully (and painfully) peeled the electrodes off for the final time. Bliss. I felt such freedom. And then the little light went off.

Far too often I have willingly tethered myself to things like cell phones, kindles and laptops. Mistaking bondage for freedom I have sacrificed much to their siren call. It is little wonder I found peace and  a sense of freedom when I gave up blogging for a time.

Just as my little monitor was a valuable tool, so too are all those other things - in their place. It is the "all. the. time." that binds me. It comes at too great a price.



  1. Oh Linda, hope all is well with you this morning! Panic attacks have been "in my face" this year. I'm just too old for this nonsense!

  2. I love your heart all. the. time.

    Grateful for tethers of medical technology and anxiously waiting results with you.

  3. Hope all goes well with your test results. Great analogy with the tethering.

  4. I too have been wrestling with the all the timeness of it all. I want to be connected, but not consumed with my blog and social media. A far more important connection is with God - that is the one that I want to cultivate all the time.

  5. I pray all is well with you and your dear heart. And, yes, I hear you regarding how much time we devote to being on the Internet.

  6. well said. Praying for you.....


  7. Your analogies are always a blessing, my friend, but I am sorry your heart can be erratic :( I will be praying for you, dear Linda. May you have a blessed New Year! Sending you hugs!

  8. I sure hope all the test results are boring.

    (been praying, ya know)