Monday, January 6, 2014

Ordinary Days

We packed up Christmas on Saturday. I still look for our little Christmas tree with its tiny ornaments every time I walk into the living room. It takes a minute to adjust to the comparitive emptiness. The trimmings are gone, but Christmas lingers.

On Sunday morning the wind swooped down the chimney and rattled the windows. The temperature doesn't often dip below freezing here in South Texas, but those winds did their work. By this morning it was well below freezing - 27 degrees! I know there are benefits to freezing temperatures - the killing of all those unwanted pests and such - but I much prefer it when "weather bug" keeps the numbers above 65.

However, being the brave souls we are (and not having any choice), we were out bright and early this morning for my husband's check-up at the V.A. I unearthed my scarf and mittens from my dresser drawer and hauled my winter jacket out of the back of the closet. We always have to park at the back of beyond when we get there, so I thought it best to be prepared.

After his appointment we went grocery shopping. I admit it's probably my least favorite chore, but once we're home and it's all put away I'm thankful for  God's abundant provision.

Now there is a load of clothes in the washer and another in the dryer. We've already gone for our walk, and I have time to write. I'm almost finished with my mystery. Some days I look at all those words and wonder what will ever become of them. But I am determined to live moment by moment - open handed and surrendered to whatever He would have me do.

So I'll open google docs and move Matty through her story. For He's given me this moment to write.