Monday, March 3, 2014

A Trail of Glory

We celebrated her fifteenth birthday on Saturday. She is the fourth grandchild in a line of seven. Three older; three younger. And where have the years gone?

It has become such a common saying among those of my own generation. We look around and suddenly the teenagers we once worried and prayed over are worrying and praying over teenagers of their own. And truly, where have the years gone?

We are in the sunset of our lives. It looks as though it would linger long, a great golden orb hanging over the horizon. It colors the world in magnificent hues, and we think we have a while to watch. But blink and it is gone leaving only a trail of glory.

I don't long for more days than are written for me. I only long to live them well. To rest a while and notice the beauty, to work a while and give from my heart. To leave a trail of glory captured from the Son.

Joining my dear friend Laura: