Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Crowd

Some weeks the days fly by so fast I can hardly catch them, but others are a slow drain - the days stretching out in a weary line.

Today is Friday - finally. Lisa-Jo's word is:


She dragged her body, weakened by years of illness, through the crowd. It moved and pressed, and she fell behind. With every bit of strength she could muster she crawled forward and reached out - her hand making contact with the hem of the garment he wore. In that moment years of suffering fell behind her, and she felt the healing warmth race through her body.

Lost in the crowd, she marveled at the miracle. He turned. He knew. He saw her - insignificant and humble - and commended her faith. And she marveled at the miracle.

I have walked with the crowd this long week - behind a grocery cart, waiting in long lines; sitting in a waiting room, waiting to be called; taking my place in line for my scheduled exam; pressing for space to find just the right plant for my garden. So many people.

And I marvel - that I, surrounded by so many, am seen by Him. He turns and speaks to me. He takes the time to talk and listen - just as though I was the only one.


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