Monday, March 17, 2014

He Knows

Remember when
 I was a little girl, Father
 and I knew it was just
You and me?
 I never doubted or questioned.
 I prayed; You listened.
 I walked small
 on this giant planet;
You saw me,
 clear through to my heart.

I twirled and danced
and days spun into years
but time took a toll
on the knowing.
Can You hear my
small voice among the millions,
see my heart
when there are so many others
aching and clamoring
for attention?

And Father ( I feel
ashamed and foolish to ask),
when I step from this life
into my forever home,
will You find me
in the multiplied millions?
Will I sit at Your feet,
feel Your hand on my head,
spend time - just You and me?

In the hidden places of
a questioning heart,
He whispers words
known only to me,
gently caressing my head.

Joining Laura today.


A repost from the archives.


  1. I love the intimacy of this reflection, this wondering child interacting with her Father. It's a natural follow-up to the "crowd" piece, continuing to ask similar questions, but to find hope and promise that He will see you, call you by name, whisper words only to you, and hold you like a loving Father.

  2. I yearn to be that small child again..