Monday, March 17, 2014

He Knows

Remember when
 I was a little girl, Father
 and I knew it was just
You and me?
 I never doubted or questioned.
 I prayed; You listened.
 I walked small
 on this giant planet;
You saw me,
 clear through to my heart.

I twirled and danced
and days spun into years
but time took a toll
on the knowing.
Can You hear my
small voice among the millions,
see my heart
when there are so many others
aching and clamoring
for attention?

And Father ( I feel
ashamed and foolish to ask),
when I step from this life
into my forever home,
will You find me
in the multiplied millions?
Will I sit at Your feet,
feel Your hand on my head,
spend time - just You and me?

In the hidden places of
a questioning heart,
He whispers words
known only to me,
gently caressing my head.

Joining Laura today.


A repost from the archives.