Monday, April 14, 2014

A Promise in Pieces

When you hold a quilt in your hands you hold a piece of someone's heart. Every tiny stitch is a prayer for the one who receives it.

In Emily's new book, A Promise in Pieces, a small quilt is the symbol of a young woman's journey back to faith and love. With lyrical prose, she tells Clara's story - one that echoes with hints of her own.

Clara's rebellion against an overly strict father takes her to the battle fields of WWII where she serves as a nurse. We experience the horrors of war and understand her struggle with faith. The promise she makes to a dying soldier leads her back to her home and a slow mending of her heart.

Emily brings a depth and reality to the people who populate this story. We understand and identify with their joys and sorrows. In the end we are enriched and a bit wiser.

It was my good fortune to receive an advanced copy of Emily's book. It is one of those I will tuck away on my bookshelf so that I can read it again and again. It is that good.

A Promise in Pieces is now available. You will love this poignant story.