Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebrating the Moments

Time for a little break from the internet. Our daughter is here for a visit - all the way from Paris. Moments to look into her eyes and talk deep, laugh and perhaps cry a little.

Our first grandchild - the one with the dancing eyes and artistic heart - is graduating from college in a little while. The family will gather to celebrate this sweet young woman. I can't imagine where the years have gone. I know - it's a cliche. But cliches are born of truth.

Hold the moments close while they linger. They have a way of flitting away.

Love to you dear friends (back very soon)


  1. Oh how wonderful to have your daughter visit with you! I know you will both be blessed.
    We have a granddaughter graduating from high school and a grandson from a technical (?) type school in CO. It seems like only yesterday she was a little girl clomping about in some of my old shoes and dressed up, playing with dolls.

  2. Hope you are enjoying the visit with your daughter. Have a wonderful mother's day.