Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dear Abba

Dear Abba,

We celebrated Father's Day last Sunday. The memories linger. For sixty-seven Junes I've gotten to tell my earthly Dad how much he means to me. Forty-four Junes ago, my husband held the first of our children in his arms - a Daddy for the very first time. And twenty-two Junes ago our first Grandchild christened him Papa. Yes, the memories linger, and they are sweet.

Today as I lay in bed, early morning light seeping around the edges of the blinds, I thought about how blessed we are. I closed my eyes to say thank you and realized I hadn't wished You a Happy Father's Day on Sunday. I want to do that now.

You are the best Father a girl could ever have. Even on my worst days, when I do and say all the things I've promised You over and over again I wouldn't do or say ever again, even on those days You love me.

You've never broken a promise - not one single time.

You fill my days with gifts of immeasurable worth - joy, peace, comfort, grace, mercy, forgiveness - more than I can name. You color my world with beauty - the sights, smells and sounds. You meet my every need and fill me to overflowing.

You discipline me with wisdom and consistency - always mindful of what is best. Always with an eye toward eternity.

You never change. I'm secure in the knowledge of who You are. You are the firm foundation beneath my feet when the world spins wildly out of control all around me.

You are my healer. You bind my wounds, break the chains that bind me and breath life into my spirit.

And on those days when that inner voice tells me I am nothing, that I don't measure up, that I'm not good enough. You whisper words of approval into my heart and draw me close. You remind me that I am the very me you created me to be.

It's hard to find the words, dear Abba. You are so much more than I can ever say. I love You.

Happy Father's Day.
Your daughter