Friday, June 20, 2014


Five Minute Friday

Today's prompt at Five Minute Friday is "Release." We gather together and write for five minutes - unedited and straight from the heart.


I, the woman who held tight to control for years and years, have come to see the miracle in "release."

When the worst news of our lives roared in like an angry lion, I tightened my grip. I prayed harder than I had ever prayed before - down on the ground, tears soaking into the carpet. I roared back at a God I thought had turned His back on me. I shook my fist at a heaven that had turned to brass.

He let me do it. For weeks and months He stood silently taking the angry, bitter cries that eventually turned to despair. He waited for me to release to Him the thing I could not control.

I thought I could somehow get Him to come around to my point of view - do the miracle I knew full well He was capable of. When He didn't, I turned away.

Eventually, weary and frightened, I bent the knee - acknowledging I had nowhere else to go. I pried open my fists and raised empty hands to Him. I whispered words of trust I barely believed.

I thought perhaps I had somehow found the magic words to the miracle I sought. It wasn't so. I tentatively opened the Book that I had set aside. I read the words of the Psalmist and found they echoed my own heart cries.

And then, slowly, the miracle happened. Peace took her place in my heart. It wasn't the miracle I had prayed for, but it was enough. It is enough.

Please come visit Lisa-Jo. She always writes such encouraging words and then gives us a place to tell our stories.