Monday, June 23, 2014

I Want/He Says

This is Esperanza. She lives in the small flower garden in front of our house. Her delicate yellow bell-shaped blooms have become, for me, a lovely picture of hope (the English translation of her name).

She grows well in our hot Texas climate, requiring very little attention. In fact, she has complained rather loudly about the fence we've put up around her. She wants to be free to grow the way she wishes.

She has a short memory. She doesn't recall that last summer the deer came and destroyed not only her beautiful flowers but her leaves as well. One minute she stood lush and lovely, the next devastated and torn.

We've put up the fence to protect her and help her grow, not to restrain her. She sees only the barrier. Perhaps a gentle reminder would help.

She makes me think of my relationship with the Lord. The struggle between the way I want Him to work in my circumstances and the way He knows is best for me:

I know He can do the impossible.  Sometimes He says, "I'll strengthen you."
I know He can move mountains.   Sometimes He says, "Take my hand, and I will help you climb."
I know He can calm the storm.      Sometimes He says, "I'll be your shelter."
I know He can change my circumstances. Sometimes He says, "I'll see you through."
I know he can heal my diseases.    Sometimes He says, "I'll give you grace."
I know He answers prayers.          Sometimes He says, "Wait."
I know He can do miracles.           Sometimes He says, "I have a better plan."

The word comes back to me over and over again: Trust

Have you sometimes found yourself where Esperanza is? What is the Lord speaking to you?