Friday, June 27, 2014

The Camel Hair Coat

This week's Five Minute Friday prompt is:


When I was a little girl my Mom had a camel hair coat. They were all the rage. One day she took me and my baby sister shopping for new clothes. We drove to the nearest big city and went inside the huge department store. 

My sister rode in her baby buggy and I followed my Mom's camel hair coat up and down the aisles while she looked over the bins and racks of clothes. 

I watched the people all around us, caught up in the images and sounds. When Mom moved, I dutifully followed. After a rather lengthy pause, while Mom picked out new socks and I observed, we continued our walk down the long aisle.

It seemed a long way, and then Mom stopped and turned toward me. Only it wasn't my Mom. A strange lady in a camel hair coat looked at me inquiringly, and I felt my little heart begin to hammer in my chest. 

I was lost. This was not my Mom. I looked around that vast store, trying to spot her. Fortunately she hadn't gone too far. I saw her walking down another aisle and raced to catch up with her. I fell into step behind her, practically walking on her heels.

But I never let on that for a few terrifying moments I had been lost.

In my more mature moments I look and back and think how easy it is to follow something that looks like the real thing only to find out you are totally lost.


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Beth said...

So true, Linda! As I've said before, you have a stunning gift of taking everyday things and moments and getting an awesome message out of them!
I had a camel coat as did my little daughter. Was esp. sorry when she outgrew hers.

Unknown said...

I've been there before. Once I got lost in Mexico City. Yikes, big city! So glad my sister kept looking for me and found me. True what you said..."how easy it is to follow something that looks like the real thing only to find out you are totally lost."

Patricia said...

What a wonderful story, Linda. Don't you love how nothing in our lives is wasted - that God can use it to mature and help us to see more of Him. Love this, my beautiful friend.

Linda said...

Thank you Beth. I got a camel hair coat of my own when I was a teenager. I was surprised to find they're still out there!

Linda said...

That must have been frightening Raquel. I can still remember how scared I felt.
Thanks so much for visiting. It's great to meet you.

Linda said...

It's true Patricia. He uses every little thing. I'm so happy you visited.

GranthamLynn said...

Oh what a scary story. Glad you found your way. I love analogy. Very true. It is sad that people can follow other Gods or things and be so lost. Our God is awesome in his patience and his longing for us. Thanks for sharing this.

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Thank you so much for visiting. It's nice to meet you.
I love analogy too. The Lord speaks to me through the ordinary.
You're right - His patience and longing for us are amazing.

lil red hen said...

The last statement is so true, Linda, and the sad thing is, some will never find the way.