Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dream Maker

Summers in Texas are hot. When the sun peeps over the tops of the oak trees, the temperature begins to climb. We step outside to begin our walk, and in spite of the pleasant breeze, we feel the warmth on our skin. It isn’t bad at first. Every once in while a cloud shields us from the glaring sun. We walk through the sub-division once, then begin the circuit a second time.
The second time is always more difficult. The sun is higher in the sky. The sweat begins to run down the sides of my face. That familiar ache in my leg makes its appearance. It is so tempting to quit as we walk right by our driveway. It would be so easy to turn in and head for the air conditioned house. But I want to finish well. I keep walking, and the next time I come to our driveway I walk into the shade of the little oak and let the breeze wash over me. It wouldn’t have felt half so good if I hadn’t finished the walk.
Has God ever placed a dream in your heart? Was it something you hardly dared imagine you could do? But you began, and it was wonderful. There was a fresh wind of the Spirit and a clear path up ahead. All seemed so right...
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