Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Something Old Made New

We sit in a circle, Bibles and study books on our laps, eagerly sharing the things the Lord has shown us. We've known each other for a long time. It's a comfortable place - a place where burdens and sorrows are shared and kept close to our hearts.

On this day, someone new has pulled up a chair to the circle. It is an open, welcoming place. The minutes fly. We discuss and agree and share and sometimes disagree. We dig into the Word and seek to line our words up with His. Someone mentions an Old Testament story, and the noise of fragile pages turning fills the circle.

But this new one sits and looks at us with sad eyes. "Where is that story? I don't know the Bible the way all of you do." We are stopped short. Someone rushes in to help.

She comes back the following week carrying a new Bible. Her eyes sparkle, and she tells us how exciting it is to read the stories she has never known. And my heart is broken just a little because I do know the stories, and I have become so familiar with them that they have lost a bit of the shine and wonder.

I have held the word much closer since that day, but there are still times when it is all so familiar I tend to miss the wonder. Today I thought about something I have always known - taken for granted nearly all my life. But He placed it into my heart this morning, and it shone like a brand new gem.

It was this. Isn't it a wonder that we walk around with eternity in our hearts? God Himself, lives in me. The one who carved out mountains with the word of His mouth and whose hand spans the heavens. The One who controls all things and rules over all creation. This mighty, powerful, miraculous God lives in me.

 How could I ever take such a miracle for granted? No matter what I look like on the outside; no matter how many times I fail to be all I long to be; no matter how many cracks and dings mar this earthly vessel - He remains. In me - and in You. By simple invitation of faith, He gently comes and takes up residence in the most unlikely of places. And He brings with Him priceless gifts. Oh miracle, miracle.