Monday, July 21, 2014


I have naturally curly hair. Your response will be, "Oh, you're so lucky!" Mine will be an inward groan. It's the age-old story. We're never happy with what we have.

However, you must understand. I attended high school in the sixties. Curls were not "in." The flip was "in." Long straight hair was "in." Curls, as I said, were not.

I longed for straight hair and did everything in my power to get it. I slept on rollers the size of orange juice cans. By so doing, I was able to achieve a shoulder-length flip - which lasted all of about thirty minutes. The second I hit even the tiniest amount of humidity, my flip curled up to my ears like huge sausages.

Then I tried ironing my hair - always a tad risky. The ironer had to be very careful lest my whole head of hair go up in smoke.

When I discovered straightener, I thought I finally found the secret to straight hair. Alas, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

So here I am - nearly fifty years later still wielding a blow drier and flat iron (And can I just say, if they had these in the sixties I would have been in heaven?); still avoiding any form of precipitation like the plague lest it cause my carefully straightened coif to curl.

A few weeks ago I had an epiphany. I put away all the straightening implements and boldly declared I was going to let my hair do whatever it wanted to. If you're thinking it suddenly lost all desire to curl in the face of such a declaration, you would be wrong. It persisted in its curly ways. But this time I washed it, fluffed it up with my fingers and walked away from the mirror.

Oh the freedom! I fearlessly face humidity. It has no power over me now. My hair is already as curly as it can be. And rain? No problem. I can even wash my hair five minutes before I have to go out, and it doesn't matter. I am no longer tied to wires and artificial heat.

Sunday morning I sat on the front porch soaking in the beauty and peace of this place. Thankfully there was a nice breeze, because the heat and humidity were a bit high. I thought about my hair "saga" and felt so happy to be sitting there without a baseball cap on to keep my hair from curling.

And the Lord whispered a little something to my heart. "See," He said. "Isn't it better to be the you I created you to be? When you try so hard to be something or someone you aren't, it makes Me sad. I made you according to my plan - precious, unique and loved. Contentment will come when you rest in that knowledge. Don't try so hard to be like everyone else.

Besides, I like curls."



  1. I have natural curls as well and this summer I gave in. The higher the humidity, the better! I run into people at the store or gas station or ball fields and they don't always recognize me and once they do - they say "Oh, you're so lucky to have naturally curly hair"...but I don't groan anymore, I just smile and think of all the time I'm saving!!

  2. i am so GLAD to read this! i can feel it from head to toes. and to me, the natural curl looks fantastic.

  3. I agree. You look fantastic and I can feel the freedom in your words.

  4. I know the feeling ~ although mine isn't curly as such, but a natural wave that goes haywire when it gets damp. I think I worry more about getting a bald spot :)

  5. Linda, your hair is gorgeous! I have straight hair and have always wanted curly, of course, because I came of age in the 1980s, when layered and permed hair were all the rage. We should have switched our teen years to be in different decades.

    My goodness, enjoy your freedom, because the look suits you. Love it!

    (I was at lunch with a friend who has curly hair and she recommended you read the book Curly's all about embracing those curls, just as you are doing. So I told her I would pass that along!)