Monday, July 7, 2014

Welcome Summer

Summer has settled in, bringing hot, lazy days and evenings that invite us outside to sit on the front porch. The sun stays longer, stretching the hours for play and conversation and watching drops slowly make their way down a cold glass of raspberry lemonade.

Books, left sitting on shelves for months make their way to the table by the lounge chair on the patio. Sometimes, rather than being read,  they fall gently into laps as sleepy heads nod low.

There is time for watching humming birds suspended on whirring wings, for admiring the flowers growing along the sidewalk and listening to the birds call good night. To breathe in the soft night air and watch the stars peek out of the heavens one by one.

And it is time, for a little while, to put away keyboards and screens and look up - to welcome summer as she comes waltzing in with her long, flowing skirts and gentle fragrance.

See you in a week or so dear friends,