Friday, September 5, 2014

Pouring Out

On Thursday morning they gathered in the little portable building, as they had been doing for months, and took their accustomed seats around the table. The air conditioner hummed, working against the relentless heat and humidity, in an effort to make the small room comfortable. Outside, a few dark clouds gathered - hope for a drought-thirsty land.

One by one, hearts opened to share what lay heavy; for they knew this was a safe place. A place to drop the masks and lay down the protective armor. They had come, not to offer easy answers to hard questions. They had come to lay the weight of those questions and burdens at the feet of the One who hears and answers. Long ago they had agreed to pray BOLD prayers to the God for Whom nothing is impossible, and He had done miraculous things.

They bowed their heads and sat quietly before praying. "Be still…" He had said, "and know…"* The air conditioner cycled off. Peace filled the room, and then it came - the sound of thousands of raindrops hitting the metal roof above their heads. They opened their eyes and looked, in wonder, at one another. "It's like He has heard us and is pouring out His Spirit." They laughed for the sheer joy of it.


*Psalm 46:10