Sunday, October 26, 2014

Counting the Gifts Again

She woke early and snuggled deeper under the covers. Perhaps if she didn't get up, didn't step into the day, all those things that weighed so heavily on her soul would go away. She sighed and rolled over. Foolish to think I can sleep it all away, she thought.

In one quick movement, she threw back the covers and stepped into her worn slippers. The light robe lay on the little love seat where she had tossed it the night before. Wrapping it close, she walked to the window and opened the blind. Sunlight flooded the room, spilling across the wooden floor.

Before starting breakfast, she opened the back door. She stepped outside and breathed in the fresh, cool air. A soft breeze caught her robe and lifted her hair. She closed her eyes. Something moved in her spirit. She whispered a thank You and a gentle confession. "Forgive me for not thanking You. In the midst of all the mess, Father, I've taken my eyes off You. I haven't seen in a very long time."

Thank You:
- for being there all the time - even when I wasn't looking
- for Your promise to be with us in every circumstance
- for always being enough
- for the precious people You've placed in my life
- for laughter in the midst of troubles
- for gentle breezes and a place to sit in the stillness
- for the gift of life-changing words and music
- for being bigger than any problem and for caring about all of them
- for peace and joy that come when I open my heart to You
- for "this," Lord, even for "this." For You have promised to make all things work together for good.