Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Listen To This!

You know those times when you're reading a book - lost in the story - and suddenly there are words so perfect, so beautiful you just have to share them with someone? For the most part, I'm alone when that happens to me. The nest is empty, and I can't run into a room enthusing, "Listen to this."

It's kind of sad really, because those words have stirred something inside you, and you feel as though your heart will burst if you can't share them with someone else.

So here I sit, all alone with these words, and I have to share them. You don't mind, do you friends?
They fit so perfectly with the things I've been thinking about lately.

Just listen to this:

"With a husband and five children to cook, clean, wash, even make clothes for, and with no modern conveniences at all, not even piped-in water, Fairlight might have felt burdened and sorry for herself - but she did not. Often she found time to pause in her dishwashing to let her eyes and her spirit drink in the beauty of a sunset. She would interrupt her work to call the children and revel with them in the grandeur of thunderheads - piling up over the mountain peaks, heat lightning flashing behind the clouds like fireworks. 'It lifts the heart,' she would say, and that was explanation enough for any interruption.
     There was always time for a story in front of the fire with the children snuggled against her: always leisure for the family to gather on the porch 'to sing the moon up.'
     Fairlight told me how on the first fine spring day, she considered it only right and proper to drop her housework: 'The house, its already been a-settin' here for a hundred years. It'll be right here tomorrow. It's today I must be livin'"
Christy by Catherine Marshall

Don't you love that? Anyway, thanks so much for listening,